Ultra-mini TYPE-C USB3.0 hub card reader and power delivery

Ultra-mini TYPE-C USB3.0 hub card reader and power delivery

Model No.︰WT-PD-1C2A-CR

Brand Name︰OEM/ODM

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 10 / pc

Minimum Order︰1000 pc

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Product Description


  • Ultra-mini designed, sized: 83.8*35.3*10mm
  • Glossy finishing, PC materials.
  • On-product tailed quality type-c cable for flexible and reliable.
  • TYPE-C power delivery charging port , fully compliant to PD2.0 protocol to support 2016 new Macbook, 2015 Macbook, and google Pixel
  • 2*USB3.0 super high speed ports, fully compliant to USB3.0, upto 5Gbps data rate.
  • USB hub port compliant to BC1.2 fast charging, with current upto 2.4A.

USB3.0 card reader, 2slots to support SD, MicroSD, with 2 disk driver luns support 2 flash card 

Specifications︰ A versatile solution to expand the type-c port from new 2016/2015 new Macbook/google Pixel, to have more USB hub/Card Reader, by maintaining the TYPE-C Power Delivery protocol to charge the macbook/pixel at full rating, 14.5V/2A for new Macbook, and 30V/2A for google Pixel.
1. 2*USB3.0 port, with the protocol compliant, extended from TYPE-C host port from 2016/2015 version New Macbook/google Pixel or other host device, data rate compliant to 5Gbps super high speed.
2. 2*USB port fully compliant to BC1.2 fast charging protocol, to support fast charging ipad/iphone/android devices.
3. 2 slots USB3.0 card reader, support SDXC/SDHC/SD/MMC, and MicroSDXC/MicroSDHC/ MicroSD, simultaneously.
4. 1*TYPE-C female charging port, for 14.5V/2A full current charging for New Macbook, and 30V/2A rating for Google Pixel.

The body injection with high quality PC material, and glossy shining finishing, gives the product surface fine-texture. Simple and mini designed housing with round edge cater for comfortable
2). TYPE-C tailed cable with TYPE-C plug to new macbook(google pixel etc), ports expansion and extension
3).TYPE-C plug to new Macbook
4: full rating charging for new 2016 Macbook (2015 Macbook as well)
- type-c power delivery, with full rating charging for macbook, both 2016/2015 version
- USB3.0 ports for super high speed data and BC1.2 charging
- USB3.0 card reader, support SDXC/MicroSDXC flash cards simultaneously together.

Export Markets︰ USA/EU

Pricing︰ 10 USD

Payment Details︰ PayPal,T/T

Min Order︰ 1000

Ship Date︰ 30 work days after order confirmed

Standard Met︰ CE

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